Our clients

We have worked with many clients, all using Outcome Manager for different purposes.

Here, our wonderful clients explain how they’ve been getting the most out of Outcome Manager.

Clarity means engagement

“The classic test for any strategy is turning it into practical action. Outcome Manager has helped us give clarity to key staff responsible for the delivery of our 4-year strategic plan. Structuring our strategic themes as outcomes rather than just a list of ordered tasks has been a challenge, but the sense of having a much clearer vision of what we’re trying to achieve has helped engage the teams and motivated them to focus on driving towards that end state. In addition, as a membership organisation and Charity, evidence is key to ensure our members and Board of Trustees recognise our achievements in light of their expectations and demands. Outcome Manager automatically captures and builds a meaningful record of all progress, so that Trustees, or anyone else for that matter, can see true value for our work and real achievement of goals.”

Aidan Grills, Chief Executive, Leeds University Union

Effective Business Planning

“We have been using Outcome Manager to help us map out our business plan for the forthcoming year. Thinking about things in this way has allowed us to focus on the stuff that really matters and directly leads to achieving our objectives…or outcomes. Once mapped, Outcome Manager has enabled me to monitor progress easily and quickly. This has saved me a huge amount of time and allowed me to focus on the areas that really require my attention as Director. Without Outcome Manager I’d still be getting involved in a lot of the day to day noise, which often wasn’t
important to achieving our goals”

Lee Wojtkiw, Director, BlueSky Corporate Finance

Supporting ‘agile working’

“During our transition to a more agile way of working, Shoal introduced the concept of ‘management by outcomes’, with the aim of creating a more dynamic and empowered culture. Having all our team and strategic plans in one place, and everyone understanding their role has been really important in maintaining a sense of community as more of our staff begin working away from the office. As a web application, Outcome Manager allows people to update the plans on the move, capturing evidence and even asking for support. Because everyone is using Outcome Manager, things are picked up and resolved far more quickly – and it doesn’t matter where people are. This has created far more collaborative working and has been the final piece of the puzzle for us as far as our agile working plans are concerned”

Sam Betts, Head of Workforce Strategy, Salford City Council

Starting on the right track

“As a startup, it was important to us to have a real clarity in what we were setting out to achieve and what our purpose was…we’re busy enough building a business, we don’t want to be distracted by things that aren’t critical to our ultimate outcome. Outcome Manager has enabled us to structure our plan in a way that ensures we focus on the important stuff and are able to always refer back to what our purpose is – in addition everyone understands their role in helping to achieve our 3 year goals. It also allows us to track progress and identify potential bottlenecks before they stop us in our tracks”

Dan Evans, MD, V-Social