Outcome Manager


Shape the future, don’t get lost in the noise of now

Shoal is very pleased to announce that due to client demand we are now offering Outcome Manager as a stand alone service.

Outcome Manager is a web application. It’s a whole new way to work and organise, defining what you do as a series of Outcome Maps. It links you with your colleagues in a dynamic network, where everyone is focused on a common purpose. Outcome Manager grew out of our methodology for implementing agile working for our clients, but its value has proved to be universal. Simple, clean and user friendly – we think you will find it a fresh and effective way of getting things done.

Why should you use Outcome Manager?

More Time. Once you and your colleagues are set up, Outcome Manager automatically pulls together information for you. Log in, and every Outcome Map shows you the latest status. No more scrabbling around for updates, and more time to spend on the important things.

Clarity of Purpose. Drafting Outcome Maps is a simple, easy process that everyone can join in with. Using Outcome Manager creates very clearly defined projects and builds teams with motivation and purpose – ensuring that everyone knows where you are going and how they will help you get there.

Evidence. Conventional ways of doing things tend to create a lot of project noise, but little in the way of a trail of progress.  Outcome Manager is the opposite. It builds a record of meaningful progress, meaning that everyone creates their performance records as they work.

Dynamism. Because it’s a web application, you can collaborate with your colleagues in real time, from any location. Perfect for improving the performance of distributed teams.

We currently offer Outcome Manager as part of a short training package with ongoing licencing to use the web application. If you would like to know more about our special trial bundle, click the link to download the flyer or contact us at: