Shoal’s Approach

We use agile working to challenge assumptions about where, when and how your people work. We use the insights from our extensive analysis to significantly improve the effectiveness of your workforce. Through new ways of working, your people will operate in the most efficient manner.
We think the key to success as an organisation in the 21st century is focusing on outcomes rather than activities. Many companies only monitor and reward levels of activity among employees, and the perception of an individual’s activity is often formed in an arbitrary way. This traditional model can create a culture of presenteeism and inflexibility. Management by outcomes will enable your organisation to realise the potential of your biggest asset – your people. We work by empowering your staff to work in a more dynamic, collaborative way towards achieving shared goals.

Shoal has a clear, accessible methodology to implement agile working, designed to help you move towards realising benefits as quickly and smoothly as possible. Our unique approach to organisational change is further strengthened by our innovative web application: Outcome Manager.