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Welcome to a different kind of consultancy. At Shoal, our approach and methodology is unique. We’re here to help you find new ways of working. We can save you time, money and transform your performance through understanding and improving your organisational agility. We look at the way technology, the built environment and your management structure interact to affect your efficiency. We challenge assumptions about the way you do business.

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DadCrush Series – When It’s All Ready…

DADCRUSH – A new way to relax

Is your organization working effectively? Now it’s time to deal with family affairs. And you know there is a lot of them, after all of you are living in step family kind of society. This is the storyline of DadCrush – the newest series coming from world’s known crew called Team Skeet. You have an exclusive invitation to follow these step family sexual relations between stepfathers and horny daughters. It’s all a fantasy and it’s a crazy one, that’s for sure.